How to Make Cute Hair Styles

That cute new hairstyle that you loved two months ago might be just plain boring today, but sometimes it's just not worth it to run to the salon for a completely new cut and style. If you're sick of your hairstyle, there's a lot you can do at home to create a new look without the help of a professional. Here's how to update your look with a new style.

  1. Prepare yourself

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      Get inspired. Flip through a magazine or surf the Internet. Look for pictures of different hairstyles that would go well with your current haircut, hair length, and your natural hair texture and thickness. Rip out or print out a few of your favorite hairstyles to bring with you into your personal "salon."

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      Go shopping. Pick up new products, brushes, and hair accessories that you think might work well with your hair. For example, create a straight look with a smoothing serum and a flat iron. Or, create a feathered look with styling wax, a flat iron and finishing spray. Read the labels as you browse different products to get an idea for how you could best use each one.

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      Start with unwashed hair, preferably on a "good hair day" when you can set aside a couple of hours to spend in front of the mirror messing with your hair.

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      Arm yourself with all of your hair clips, pins, clasps and elastics. Grab a fine-tooth comb/pick combo, a paddle brush, and a volumizing round brush to help you create different looks. Pull out your arsenal of hair appliances and hair products as well.

    Change your style

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      Wet your hair and comb it out. Try changing your part to different angles with the comb/pick combo. Sometimes parting your hair on the other side or creating a faux bang area is all it takes to give yourself a cute new style.

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      Try out your new products. Each product, brush, roller and appliance is a tool designed to help you create a specific look.

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      Change the texture of your hair with heat and different products. If you usually go straight, apply a curling gel and then blow dry against the grain of the hair shaft on a low heat with a diffuser to get curly locks. Or, section your hair off, add a styling cream, and then iron it stick straight for a sleek look. If you're really bored, try mixing the two and see what you can come up with.

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      Experiment with different updos and half-up, half-down hairstyles. Most styles start with a ponytail of some sort and finish up with pins or clips. Try randomly adding ponytails or twists and clips to your hair. You never know how a hairstyle might turn out until you try it. If you have an idea, run with it. Use the hairstyle images you printed out to fall back on if nothing seems to be coming together.

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      Test drive your new look. Go for a walk, go to the grocery store, or go visit a friend with your new hairstyle. A relaxed, low-pressure situation is best for trying out a new style. This way, if it falls over, morphs into an unruly mess, or simply turns out to not reflect your personality, you can just dismantle it, throw on a hat, and try again another day without any drama or embarrassment.

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