How to correct hair color that is too Blonde

You tried a home hair color kit and now your hair is too blonde. To correct it you need to decide where you want to go? How dark you want to go will determine what you do. I recommend you go two (2) levels darker than where you are now. This is either medium, dark blonde or a light brown. Depending on the colors you are using follow how to in this article to get the hair color you desire.

Things You'll Need

  • Home hair color kit (get two)
  • a friend to help


    • 1

      Go to the beauty supply store and pick up your color.

    • 2

      Get a friend to help

    • 3

      Follow instructions and apply product from scalp to ends.

    • 4

      Watch it, rub a little off with a towel every 5 minutes to see what color you have.

    • 5

      When it is at the color you want, rinse & follow manufacturers instructions.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you buy an additional kit in case your first try is removed too soon and you dry it does not look right.
  • Avoid all instructions and go to a professional is the best advice I could give you. However if you are not able to, try calling the hot line of the companies product you used to get where you are now. OR...
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