How to Make a Guild in Flyff

Fly For Fun, or Flyff, is a free MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), which allows players to fly around their world. Creating a guild is an excellent way for players to chat with one another, quest together, declare wars on other guilds and create alliances to win these battles.


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      Install Flyff from the Flyff website. Read the system requirements to ensure your system is compatible.

    • 2

      Level up to 40 or higher. This will take some time, but you'll find plenty of friends and amusement along the way.

    • 3

      Sign up at least two members who are guild-eligible, as well as yourself. You and the other two Flyff players must not have been a member of a guild in the last 72 hours. If any of you are part of a guild, you must leave your current guild.

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      Talk to Helena in the town of Saint Morning. She is located in the bank public office next to the red mailbox. Give Helena the required 3 million penya.

    • 5

      Follow Helena's directions to lead the three-player party. This party will include you and the two guild-eligible members you've recruited. The party doesn't have to rank as Advanced.

    • 6

      Go back to Helena and speak with her again. You now have the option to create a guild. Click on the "Create A Guild" button and choose a name and one of the 20 logos available.

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