How to Train a Pet Mouse


Believe it or not you can train a pet mouse. Mice are very smart animals. With patience and persistence you can train a pet mouse to learn tricks. You can train them to do anything from answer to their name to use a litter box. Like any other pet, mice need regular stimulation, and regular training gives your mouse plenty of the interaction and stimulation they need.

  • Train a pet mouse to learn his name first by picking him up and saying his name. Make sure to give him lots of affection and a treat while doing this, and before you know it whenever you say his name he will come.

  • Teach your pet mouse to jump by holding him in your lap with your legs apart. Hold out a special treat your mouse will need to jump to in order to get it. Give him a treat along with plenty of praise whenever he jumps on command.

  • Condition your mouse to avoid bad behavior like chewing through items in his cage by squirting him with a water bottle and saying "no" whenever you witness the behavior you want to change.

  • Encourage your pet mouse to use a litter box by making a litter tray out of the bottom of a tissue box. Fill it with litter made for rodents and place it in an area of the cage where he frequently relieves himself. Make sure to pick up any fecal matter and put it into the litter so he will smell it and be encouraged to use the box. Whenever you notice any outside of the litter tray just put it into the litter and before you know it he will be litter trained.

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