How to Get Close to a Girl


If there is a girl that you know and would like to be friends with, you might be wondering how to go about getting close to her. You want to come across as a great guy or a potential friend, so she will want to be close to you too.

  • Smile in a friendly way whenever you see the girl. Say hello and maybe ask her how her day has been or give her a compliment. If she doesn't seem to want to make conversation, just try again later.

  • Make interactions interesting when the girl does want to carry on a conversation with you. Be very careful to ask questions about her and not talk about yourself too much. Keep eye contact and laugh politely when she says something funny.

  • Listen respectfully if she comes to you with a problem. If you are a guy, know that women don't always want a solution to their problems, sometimes they just want someone to listen. However, if she says something like "What do I do?" or "I don't know what to do," then feel free to try to give her some advice.

  • Prove to the girl that you will always be reliable and always be truthful. Girls will feel the hurt for a long time after having been lied to or betrayed by anyone, girls and guys alike. You will really stand out by always telling the truth and following through on promises.

  • Give the girl complements when you are around other people if you are a guy. This will make any girl feel like a princess.

  • Try to make her laugh, when the situation is appropriate. You don't need to crack jokes all the time; anyone would get tired of that. However, remember that poking fun at her or other people is usually not a good idea.

Tips & Warnings

  • Generally, just being a good friend that is there for her when she needs you will bring a girl closer to you. Girls like to feel safe and secure with a guy friend, a girl friend or a boyfriend, and know that they can trust them.
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