How to Look Like a True Thrash Metalhead


If you're a thrash metal fan, listening to music by Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Slayer and Exodus and headbanging and moshing at their concerts cover the basics of being a thrash metalhead. To truly be a thrash metalhead, you need to dress like one. Unlike industrial or emo music, thrash metal requires few fashion accessories. Here's how to look like a true thrash metalhead.

  • Dress in denim and leather. That's more than a song by Saxon, it's a look and a way of life for the true thrash metal head. Wear black jeans more often than blue jeans, stone washed preferred. Top your thrash metal outfit with a motorcycle jacket punctured with pins and buttons advertising bands like Megadeth, Kreator and Anthrax.

  • Buy lots of plain black T-shirts and jeans jackets. Then use your creativity and sew patches with your favorite bands' logos onto them or scrawl names on them with a felt tip pen or marker. Include sleeveless denim vests in your wardrobe and sew patches on them, too to make a true metalhead statement.

  • Stock up on official thrash metal band clothing. But T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets with band logos on them, and wear them constantly to school, to work and of course, when you go to concerts.

  • Slip on some mid-calf black Doc Marten boots. You'll want to buy a few different, well-worn pairs. The more battered the better. Tuck jeans into your boots for that tough, don't-mess-with-me look.

  • Complete your thrash metalhead wardrobe with camouflage pants. Purchase fatigues from an Army Navy surplus store. While you're there, buy an Army field jacket or camouflage field jacket to complete your look.

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