How to Get a Girl's Attention


If you're reading this, I bet you met a girl that got your attention. That's usually how it starts. You probably first saw the cutie in class or at the super market. Maybe she said something to you. Maybe she didn't. The point is, you want her to notice you the same way you noticed her. Luckily there are some easy, small gestures you could try to get her attention.

  • Smile at the girl. Okay, it's not going to get you to first base, but it will at least make a girl literally notice you. Once she's looking at you, try to remain calm so that you continue to look friendly. If she smiles back at you, go up to her and say hello. She'll be eager to talk to you too.

  • Wink at a girl to get her attention. A wink is like throwing a fishing hook into a pond. You're just far enough from the girl that you want to catch, that you can still save face if you don't get a bite. If she smiles or giggles or responds in any way you think is positive, go talk to her. Oh yeah. You should know the wink works best when there's a smile to go along with it.

  • Wave. See, these are all simple gestures you've been doing your whole life. An innocent wave will get a girl's attention. Just try to keep the wave small, you're not trying to hail a cab or swat a million flies.

  • Try the direct approach and just go up to her and say hello. After that, introduce yourself. You can try to throw in a joke, but if you're too nervous don't bother-a failed joke can be worse than none at all. Then you can ask a question. If you have class with the girl, ask her what she thinks about the teacher. If you see her in a public place, you can ask if she lives in the area.

  • Stop talking. You've made pleasant conversation. Cut it off, and ask if you can see her again or outside of school or at a different public place. Get some contact information, and don't be afraid to call her the next day.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you're nervous about calling a girl, ask her if she uses an internet chat, and get her screen name. Most girls are less nervous about giving out a screen name or an email address, and it could save you from getting her parents when you call the house.
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