How to Overcome Racism


Racism not only affects its intended victim, by judging them on their skin color, it also affects the mind of the racist who justifies separating human beings in to categories without a valid reason. Overcoming racism demands a detailed look at human beings as individuals.

  • Ask yourself what prejudices you have against other races. No matter what race you are, you can harbor feeling about others that have no basis in reality. If you see another race as being high achievers, low achievers, more intelligent, less intelligent, nicer, meaner or more or less motivated, you're engaging in racist thought.

  • Find examples that contradict racist ideas. If you think one race is particularly lazy, do some research to find members of that race who have achieved great things. Make a list and every time you slip into a pattern of prejudice, look at your list to remind yourself that it isn't true.

  • Help those victimized by prejudice. If you see another human being targeted by the color of his or her skin, take the time to confront those who are practicing racism and point out the error of their ways.

  • Judge other people by their actions, not their skin color. Within all races, there exist those who would harm others, steal from others or try to dominate others. Instead of seeing these people as part of a group based upon race, view them as individuals with problems all their own.

  • Get involved with promoting equality for all people, despite their skin color. Share your ideas with your friends and write letters to newspapers and your congressional representatives, promoting fairness and equality for everyone.

  • Speak up when others make prejudice jokes and statements. By letting the crowd know that you do not ascribe to racist thoughts, you give them permission to think for themselves, also. Explain why it's wrong to judge people by their race without getting angry.

  • Live your life as though you were colorblind. Look past one's skin and into one's heart. You will make others happier and, in turn, your life will be happier.

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