How to Report a Stalker


Few things are as disruptive to your life as having someone stalk you. Knowing that another person is monitoring your routine or following you is frightening and can leave you feeling vulnerable. You have a right to report a stalker to the police and have them take you seriously.

  • Record every incident if you feel you someone is stalking you. Keep a journal and make a notation of the date, time and place. It's a good idea to keep a small camcorder with you to film a stalker for evidence.

  • Contact the authorities if you feel threatened. Even if you don't know the identity of your stalker, you should notify the police.

  • Tell your neighbors, family and friends about the problem. When more eyes are paying attention to strangers mulling around, the evidence grows against a stalker. Encourage your neighbors or co-workers to call the police if they spot the stalker.

  • Insist that the police officer take you seriously. Since no crime may yet have been committed if the stalker is keeping his distance, an officer may resist filing a report. Demand that he file a report and make sure you get a report number before the officer leaves.

  • Request that the officer speak with the stalker if you know who it is. Although there may not be a reason to arrest the individual, contact by the authorities and a demand that he leave you alone, will make him realize that you know his identity and you won't hesitate to call the police.

  • Press charges. After filing the report, see it through. If you drop the case, you're telling your stalker that it is fine to terrorize you.

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