How to Make a Silent Movie


Silent movies are a fun way to tell a story. Whether you do them in black and white like the old time movies or in color, a silent movie still takes a lot of planning. Here are a few guidelines to help you make a silent movie.

Things You'll Need

  • Props
  • Movie camera
  • Computer
  • Movie editing software
  • Music
  • Create a story. Decide how you are going to introduce the characters and develop the plot. Since it's a silent movie, a simple story is the easiest to make into a movie.

  • Devise a storyboard. This visual tool can help you organize the story line and develop the characters. If something doesn't "flow" right in the story, the storyboard can help you fix the problem before you begin filming the silent movie.

  • Write the script. If you are doing this with the intention of submitting the movie to an agent, make sure you use accepted script format.

  • Find your actors. Have them rehearse their moves. Since they don't have any speaking parts, it is important that the actors be able to convey the appropriate emotions on screen. They should exaggerate many of their actions.

  • Set up all your props. Since you are doing a silent movie, you may need to create extra devices to help the audience understand the action. Written information between the scenes can also help carry the story along.

  • Locate a suitable camera. Figure out how you are going to get your shots for each scene.

  • Film the movie. You may want to film some scenes from more than one angle and later choose the best. Upload the movie into your computer.

  • Edit the scenes as necessary. Add music to help carry out the theme of the movie. Remember to save your work.

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