How to Make a Cloak


Sewing can seem like a difficult craft to the outsider with little or no experience, but the need for practical clothing or good costume fun might mean getting some hands-on experience in the craft. A cloak that keep you warm or look great--or even both--is a good project for a novice sewer.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Measure the wearer from the base of his neck to the ankles. This tells you almost how long the fabric for your cloak needs to be. Add about 4 inches more and double the sum to get the length of the straight edge of the fabric.

  • Double the fabric over.

  • Draw a half-circle on the fabric. Make the curve constant. Check it carefully and correct any errors before you move to the next step.

  • Cut the half-circle out of the fabric. Keep an even hand and follow the drawn pattern until you've reached the end.

  • Cut a neck hole into the fabric. You can do this by making another half-circle on the fabric and cutting along it. The diameter should be about half an inch to a full inch bigger than the diameter of the wearer's neck.

  • Hem it up, making sure to keep all the edges straight. This is why you gave extra fabric in Step 1 and folded the fabric over. Now all you have to hem is the bottom and the neck hole.

  • Add a sturdy, large hook-and-eye about where the indentation at the base of the neck is, relative to the wearer.

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