How to Type a Bunny With Keyboard Characters


Popular in emails and on website blogs, those funny little typed keyboard characters look like drawings. It takes a creative eye to figure out which keys to type and how many spaces to move them over to make the character look right. Here's the inside scoop on how to type a bunny character with your computer keyboard.

  • Use the open and close parentheses twice like this: ()() with no space in the middle of any of the keystrokes. This creates the ears of the bunny character. Hit "Enter" to move down a line.

  • Type in the following keystrokes: an open parenthesis, hyphen, underline, another hyphen and finish with the close parenthesis. This is the bunny's face. (-_-) Hit "Enter" to move to the third line.

  • Create the tail of the bunny by using a lower case "c" and make a hint of the body and a foot with two open parenthesis followed by a double quotation mark and close parenthesis: c((")

  • Repeat a single open parenthesis, quotation mark and close parenthesis like shown to make the other foot of the bunny: c((")(") Type this on the third line as well, right next to the other foot of the bunny character.

  • Squint your eyes, move away from the computer screen or try making the bunny without any text or other pictures around it to get a visual of the animal. The bunny appears to be sitting down, facing diagonally with narrow eyes.

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