How to Deal With a Police Polygraph Test


Lie detector, or polygraph tests, can be seen in movies. If you're unlucky, you may have to see one in real life. Worse yet, you may be on the receiving end of a polygraph test. Some departments require candidates for police academy to take a polygraph test. If you're even less lucky, you may have to take one to profess your innocence of a crime. Here's how to handle, or cheat, a polygraph test.

  • Keep calm. A lie detector test will measure changes in your body as you respond to questions. The changes it measures reflect how stressed out or worried you are. For some people, this could result in false positives or incorrectly determining that you are lying, when you're actually telling the truth.

  • Take a deep breath before answering each question. Throughout the test you'll need to remain as calm a you were when you started. When the polygraph test begins, you'll get simple questions, such as what is your name and where do you live. As the questions get harder, try to stay just as calm as you were when you started.

  • Try not to internalize the question. Thinking too hard about a question will only increase your stress level, and make it more likely that the polygraph test will find you lying. Convince the tester you're not a lie detector cheat by listening to the question and responding quickly.

  • Relax. Whether you're trying to proclaim your innocence or get onto the police force, everyone knows that some people can cheat a lie detector test. That's why lie detector results cannot be used as evidence in court. Most questions they ask you before admitting you into police academy can be verified through other means. Even if you come up as a liar, you can still clear yourself and get onto the force.

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