How to Make an Antenna to Improve Xbox 360 Wireless Connection


A wireless adapter for the Xbox 360 allows you the convenience of having Xbox live at your fingertips without the need for a nearby Ethernet connection. The farther away your Xbox 360 is from your router may reduce your signal and slow you down while playing online. Create a reception dish to add to your wireless antenna that will improve your wireless signal.

Things You'll Need

  • Aluminum foil
  • Two-liter plastic bottle
  • Drinking straw or plastic spoon
  • Clear tape
  • Wrap your antenna in foil. The antenna that protrudes from the wireless adapter for your Xbox 360 is the part that receives the signal. You will build the reception dish around this antenna to improve its reception. Use enough foil to cover the antenna. Use a little tape to secure the foil to the adapter.

  • Cut your bottle to create a dish. You need to cut the bottle at three or four inches below the neck. You want to keep the neck intact because you will slide the antenna through it. After you cut the bottle, you should be able to visualize it looking like a satellite dish.

  • Place your bottle over the antenna. It should slide on fairly easily. If you used a lot of foil on the antenna, the fit may be a little tight. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it will help keep the antenna and bottle securely attached. Use some tape to attach the bottle to the wireless adapter.

  • Tape the spoon or straw to the antenna. Use a small piece of tape to secure it to the foil-wrapped antenna. This will lengthen your antenna so that it has more surface area to receive wireless signal.

  • Enclose the spoon or straw with foil. You need to wrap foil around the spoon or straw. Make sure that this foil connects with the foil that is around the antenna. Secure the foil in place with a little piece of tape.

  • Cover the inside of the bottle with foil. Your dish is almost complete, but you need to add foil on the inside so that the wireless signal directs toward the antenna. Use strips of foil to cover the inside of the bottle. Be sure to cover the entire bottle so that no plastic is showing. Secure the foil with a little more tape. You now have a reception dish that you can aim toward your wireless router and improve your wireless reception on your Xbox 360.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try moving your Xbox 360 or your wireless router to improve reception.
  • Make sure that there are not electrical devices that may cause interference either around your Xbox 360 or your router. Some electrical devices that can cause interference are microwaves, cordless phones, wireless accessories like headsets and metal cabinets.

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