How to Calculate the Center of Gravity


Sir Isaac Newton wrote the law of gravitation that says gravity is strongest between two massive objects and then gets weaker as the objects get further apart. He was also the first to mathematically calculate gravity. The center of gravity is the point on any object where gravity is the strongest. The gravitational center of an object is the one point where the object remains stable at all times.

  • Find out how much the object weighs. If there is any added weight to the object make sure to calculate it. For example, if you want to find the center of gravity for a car with two people in it, weigh the car alone, weigh each person separately and then add all of their weights together.

  • Measure the length of each object from one end to the other. If we use the example from Step 1, you measure the car first. Next, measure the people from their backs to their chests. This is because the car is flat on the ground. If the car rested on its back bumper, you would measure the entire length of the people. Find half of each length and write it down.

  • Start the math. Multiply each distance by the weight of that object. Multiply the length of the car by its weight and so on.

  • Add the answers of the multiplication together to get the total measurement. Add the weights together.

  • Divide the total from Step 4 by the total weight to calculate the center of gravity for the object.

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