How to Change Moped Spark Plugs


Mopeds are becoming quickly popular as a cheaper mode of transportation, especially with the rising gas costs. Mopeds need to be maintained and updated, just as you would a car or truck. Spark plugs are a key component to the function of the moped's engine and should be changed when they burn out.

  • Get familiar with your moped engine and its components. This should include the battery, spark plugs, head gaskets and other components. If you understand the basic function of your moped engine, it will be easier to diagnose when there is a problem.

  • Understand how to "read" your spark plug to learn how hot your moped engine is running. This is important because if your engine is running too hot it can seize the piston and too cool means you are not getting an adequate supply of power running throughout the engine. "Read" the spark plug by fully warming up the engine, then looking at the ceramic insulator inside the plug to see what color it is. It should be light brown or tan. Too light means the engine is running too hot. Too dark or wet-looking means the carburetor is too big.

  • Locate your moped spark plug on the top of your cylinder. Using a 13/16th-inch wrench, loosen the spark plug by placing the wrench around the top of the spark plug and wiggling it slightly. This will allow you to remove the spark plug by hand.

  • Inspect the new spark plug to check for any damage. Install it by placing the spark plug in the empty socket the old one came out of. It should pop right into place. You can use the wrench to pop it into place if you are uncomfortable doing it with your hand.

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