How to Get Along With a Boyfriend's Mom


Trying to get along with your boyfriend's mother is much the same as trying to get along with a mother-in-law, and many of the same rules apply. Many mothers view their son's girlfriend as the other woman who is going to take the attention away from them. It's quite possible to get along with her, though.

  • Treat your boyfriend's mother with respect at all times. She will likely try to give you advice about every little thing. The more you actually ask for her advice though, the more she will be likely to back off because she will feel like you respect her opinions. She won't feel the need to push them on you so much.

  • Compliment your boyfriend's mom when you see her. This will improve her opinion of you, even if you complement her on something small, such as her earrings or the flowers in the yard.

  • Dress respectfully and maturely. Wear clothes that a young woman would wear, such as ones that don't show too much skin, instead of short shorts and tank tops all the time.

  • Ask your own mother, aunt or grandmother for advice on how to get along with your boyfriend's mother. This is ideal if they have a son and have an opinion of how they would want his girlfriend to act.

  • Give your boyfriend respect and kindness. Nothing will upset his mother more than believing that you are mistreating him in anyway. Do this not just because of his mother, but because you care for him.

  • Apologize if you have done something that seems to have really upset her. An apology sends a clear statement that you respect the person, are sincere and willing to own up to your mistakes.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you need to vent about your boyfriend's mom, talk to a friend instead of your boyfriend. He loves his mom, and probably won't want to hear you talk badly about her.
  • Avoid conflict with your boyfriend's mother at all times. It is unlikely that she will admit she is wrong, and getting in an argument won't change that, or improve her view of you.
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