How to Use Excel's CUBEVALUE Function


Excel's CUBEVALUE function returns an aggregate value based on the specified member expressions and might typically be used to calculate a sales total from a given year. This function requires a data source. The following steps will show how to use Excel's CUBEVALUE function.

  • Learn the syntax for CUBEVALUE. It's CUBEVALUE(connection_name,member_expression_1[,member_expression_2]...
    where connection_name is the name of the connection to the data source and a member_expression is an expression that defines a set of members in the cube. A member_expression may be defined by the CUBESET function.

  • Expect CUBEVALUE to display the text "#GETTING_DATA..." in the cell while the data is being retrieved from the data source. CUBEVALUE will return the #NAME? error value if connection_name is not a valid connection or is unavailable.

  • Interpret the most likely cause of a #VALUE error value to be caused by an invalid member of the defined set.

  • Examine possible causes of a #N/A error value. This can be the result of incorrect syntax in a member_expression, a member_expression that references a non-existent member, an empty return set or a return set that has a member with a different dimension from the other members. A #N/A error value can also occur when CUBEVALUE references a session based object that is no longer available.

  • Look at some examples of CUBEVALUE. =CUBEVALUE("Sales","[Measures].[Profit]","[Time].
    will select records for the profits on beverages for 2004 from the Sales cube.
    =CUBEVALUE("Sales",$A$1,$B$2,$C$3) will return the member set formed by the intersection of the expressions contained by the cells A1, B2 and C3.

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