How to Use Proper Chat Room Etiquette


Just as in real life social situations, proper <a class="StrongLink" href=";>etiquette&lt;/a> exists for the way that people should interact in online chat rooms. Not only is proper etiquette necessary to show respect and courtesy for the people from around the world whom you may encounter in a chat room, but it is also helpful in making sure you effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas to others. There are a few basic rules to follow when using a chat room to make the experience enjoyable and beneficial for all involved.

Step 1

Show respect for your fellow chatters by never verbally abusing, attacking or threatening anyone in a chat room, though you can feel free to engage in civil and intelligent debates with other chatters on relevant topics. Due to the anonymity of <a class="StrongLink" href=";>the Internet</a>, you are likely to encounter chatters who make nasty or offensive comments, but the best way to avoid this sort of interaction is to simply ignore them.

Step 2

Avoid using obscene or sexually explicit language in a public chat room. Private messages are more appropriate if you and another chatter both feel comfortable using this type of language in conversation.

Step 3

Use lowercase letters to type your messages in chat rooms. Only use capital letters to capitalize proper nouns and words at the beginning of a sentence, as in ordinary writing. Typing in all capital letters is looked upon as yelling in a chat room and is generally considered irritating.

Step 4

Emphasize important words or phrases by putting asterisks around your message. This is a much more effective and polite way to draw attention to your message than using all capital letters or excessive exclamation points.

Step 5

Stay on topic with your chat room comments. Most chat rooms are centered around a specific subject and other chatters will not appreciate you straying from it. There is no shortage of chat rooms online, so if you find the current subject boring, explore different options until you find one that is more in line with your interests.

Step 6

Use short, concise sentences when speaking in chat rooms to follow proper etiquette. Long, laborious messages are likely to be ignored by other chatters since the conversation in chat rooms tends to be fast-paced.

Step 7

Be patient and allow other chatters to speak in a chat room before moving on from a specific conversation. Some chatters are slower typers than others and may need a few moments to formulate a thought fully. It is proper etiquette to wait for a response if you direct a comment or question at a specific chatter before typing your next message.

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