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Call of Duty: The Roads to Victory is Activision's premiere war game that allows you to play either an American, British or Soviet soldier during World War II. Lauded as the best war game ever made, Call of Duty puts you in the line of fire in historically relevant locations. Though the game is visually stunning and realistic, it certainly does not glamorize the dirt or the dirty tactics of war.

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the controls. No matter which platform you're playing Call of Duty on, it is imperative that you learn the controls for the game or else you'll find yourself perpetually face down in the mud. Check your game instruction booklet or check out the simple list of instructions on the Star Pulse website (see Resources below).

Step 2

Take advantage of the cover available in the game. As you move through the landscapes, you'll find all sorts of buildings and objects that can be used as cover from enemy fire. Just remember that you can't stay there forever, but you can move between solid objects as the bullets fly.

Step 3

Aim carefully. Stop your movement and take aim at the enemy before taking each shot. This will shorten the time you spend on your enemies and keep you from giving them free shots at you while you waste bullets on the wall behind them.

Step 4

Pick up weapons. You are allotted space for two weapons plus your standard pistols, so choose carefully. Each type of weapon has its own properties, so consider your surroundings if you are confronted with a situation where you must put down one weapon to pick up another.

Step 5

Keep your weapons loaded. Make sure your clip is fully charged before going into battle. If it's a particularly epic battle, you may need to reload at some point, but you'll want to avoid reloading for as long as possible.

Step 6

Use grenades strategically. Grenades are not easily replenished, so a room full of enemies is often a good choice. Anytime there are several enemies clustered in one area, or confined in a room, this is an excellent opportunity for a grenade.

Step 7

Conceal your approach with smoke grenades. If you find yourself in a tight spot or in an open area with no good cover, launch a smoke grenade to provide you with a little bit of safety for your approach. Just remember that though an enemy may not be able to see through the smoke, he can move through it, so don't rely on the smoke grenades as your sole cover all the time.

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Tips & Warnings

  • Call of Duty has relatively realistic scenes and the action can get pretty violent. If you can't stomach the realities of war, then you may want to skip Call of Duty and play something a little less violent.
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