How to Use Dog Seat Belts


Dog seat belts attach to a standard harness to keep your pet in one area of your car. This safety feature keeps him from jumping out of a window or disturbing the driver, which can be dangerous. Dog seat belts also keep your pet from becoming a projectile in the case of sudden stops or turns.

Seat Belt Training

Start training your dog to wear a harness at home and be comfortable in it before using it in the car. Put the harness on your pooch and give him some of his favorite treats with lots of praise.

Step 1

Call your dog to you and either let him stand or sit in front of you. Unbuckle the buckle on the rear, larger circle of the harness.

Step 2

Hold the harness in front of your dog and place the smaller of the two circles over his head. Standard harnesses have a circle to go over the head and another that fastens behind the front legs.

Step 3

Pick up your dog's left front leg and place it through the larger circle. The chest strap attaches to the head circle and is now in the center of his chest vertically.

Step 4

Grasp the loose tip of the harness on the larger rear circle and pull it up behind the right front leg to your dog's right side to meet the rear buckle. Press the two ends of the buckle together to fasten the harness.

Step 5

Give your furry friend some of his favorite treats and lots of praise. Allow him to wear the harness in the house while giving him lots of attention. Put the harness on your dog for several days until your dog is comfortable in it.

Connecting the Seat Belt

It's now time to take your dog for a test drive in the car.

Step 1

Snap a leash onto the ring on the back of your dog's harness and lead him to your car.

Step 2

Open a rear door to the car and let your dog sit on the seat.


  • Don't put a dog in the front seat of a vehicle, the air bags could injure him if you get into a wreck.

Step 3

Remove the leash and snap a dog seat belt onto the harness's ring where the leash attaches.

Step 4

Plug the opposite end of the dog seat belt into your car's seat belt receptacle. This end of the dog's seat belt looks identical to a regular seat belt and connects in the same manner as a passenger seat belt in a car.

Step 5

Praise your dog and give him a tasty treat when he calmly lies or sits in the seat and does not pull against the seat belt.


  • You can use a standard dog harness and purchase a seat belt tether or purchase a safety harness that has the seat belt tether on it.


  • Always put a leash on your dog's harness when removing him from the car. This protects him from bolting into traffic or running away when exiting the car.

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