How to Connect a Wii to the Internet

The Nintendo Wii has become world famous for its intuitive remote that reponds to the subtlest movements during game play, but there are more innovations available. When you connect the Wii to the Internet, you open up a new world of information, game options, communication with other players and online gaming. You must have a wireless network available for the Wii to connect to the Internet.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless LAN


    • 1

      Check to make sure your wireless router is compatible with the Nintendo Wii at the Nintendo WiFi website. If you have a brand-name router, you shouldn't have any connection problems.

    • 2

      Start the Wii and wait for the main menu to appear.

    • 3

      Look for the "Wii" options circle at the bottom-left corner of the screen, and move the hand to the circle. Press the "A" button.

    • 4

      Choose the "Wii Settings" box (with the picture of the wrench) by pressing the "A" button when the hand is over the box.

    • 5

      Move the hand over the arrow on the right side of the screen and press the "A" button.

    • 6

      Look for "Internet" in the list of options and select it. If you don't see "Internet," use the right and/or left arrows until you see this option.

    • 7

      Select the "Connection Settings" box, which should be at the top of the list.

    • 8

      Choose "Connection 1 None" as the place to store your Internet connection.

    • 9

      Move the hand over the "Wireless Connection" box and select it.

    • 10

      Instruct the Wii to look for your wireless network by selecting the "Search for an Access Point" option. After the search completes, you need to click "OK" to see the list of available networks in your area.

    • 11

      Choose your wireless router connection from the list by clicking it. If your router is not listed, click the "Try Again" button after you make sure your router is on and functioning properly.

    • 12

      Wait for the Wii to test the wireless connection. If you use a password with your router, you will be prompted to enter your password. Use the hand and "A" button to input your password from the virtual keyboard, and then click "OK."

    • 13

      Install updates for your Wii by clicking the "Yes" button that appears after you connect to the Internet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Parents can adjust the "Parental Controls" to limit the information their children access on the Internet through the Wii console.
  • You can purchase the Opera web browser at the online Nintendo store to surf the Internet through the Wii.
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