How to Memorize Produce Codes


How to Memorize Produce Codes. Memorizing produce codes is a basic part of pretty much any grocery store checker's job description. The task can seem daunting when you realize how many hundreds of different kinds of produce are out there, but keep in mind that you'll catch onto the most popular items by default. The rest of the produce codes can be learned over time.

  • Become familiar with the produce items in the store that you work in. Walk the department regularly, paying attention to what is on sale and in season.

  • Learn the names of all the different types of produce offered. You need to be able to see a fruit or vegetable and put a name to it in case you forget a produce code and have to look it up.

  • Make flash cards to help you memorize produce codes. You can use pictures or the name of the produce, depending on how you learn better. The trick is to learn not only what code goes to what item, but to be able to name an item when you see the code.

  • Spend extra time on memorizing codes to similar items. Different types of apples, for example, all have different codes. Have a friend practice with you, testing you on both the popular and rare produce items.

  • Compile a list of the produce that is in season or on sale at your store. Refer to the list if you absolutely have to, but do your best to memorize the codes ahead of time.

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