How to Decide What to Wear


Stop spending hours in front of the mirror or wasting time ransacking your closet looking for the perfect outfit. Use these tips to help you decide what to wear so you'll fit in, be comfortable and look stylish whatever the event or occasion.

  • Prepare a variety of outfits when you have free time. Mix and match clothing, shoes and accessories until you have ensembles suitable for work, weddings, cocktail parties, family gatherings, day hikes and dinner dates. Take photos of the combinations so you can assemble them quickly when opportunities arise.

  • Consider the event, time and location when assembling an outfit at the last minute. For example, lunch at the park calls for a casual outfit, while an anniversary dinner at a high-end hotel is perfect for dressier attire and glitzy accessories. Check the invitation for a dress code or ask the hostess when in doubt.

  • Check the weather to determine the type of fabric and accessories to wear. If the event will take place over several hours (afternoon to evening, for example), dress in layers so you can add or remove a sweater or scarf if you get cold or hot.

  • Envision what you'll be doing when choosing shoes. Spiked heels may be fine if you're going out to dinner with friends (and straight home after) but can result in painful blisters if you'll be standing for several hours at a cocktail party.

  • Decide what impression you want to make when selecting styles and colors. For example, follow the dress code or take cues from other employees as you decide what to wear to work. Although you should accessorize basic outfits to exhibit your sense of style, be sure your clothing fit, patterns, necklines and hemlines aren't undermining your respectability.

  • Choose an outfit that flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable above all else. You'll have a better time, be more productive and exhibit self-confidence if you're happy with your appearance.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you need to buy a new outfit or pair of shoes for a special event, be economical by ensuring it's something you'll wear again. Instead of buying a dress for a wedding that you'll only use once, consider a pair of slacks and a jacket that can become part of your work wardrobe.
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