How to Spot Being Used by Friends


Friends are important to most individuals. At times, people go to great lengths to gain friends at any cost. They feel so anxious about having many friends that they may compromise their true selves in order to appear "popular." They fail to understand that it is better to have a few true friends than a bunch of fair-weather acquaintances. There are ways to spot if someone is using you.

  • Think about your friends' motives for asking you to do things with them. If the reasons always include factors such as you're the only person they know with a car and they need rides, or if they are failing math and you happen to be a geometry whiz, these friends may be using you. This behavior can be normal among true friends too, but if these types of activities represent the only times these so-called friends want to hang out, they may be using you.

  • Pay attention to who usually pays for activities when you are out with friends. If your "friends" frequently "forget" their wallets and purses and you always pick up the tab, they could be using you for your money. A good way to test this theory is to tell your friends that your parents suspended your allowance or you lost your job and see if they still want to hang out with you.

  • Notice how your friends act when you are alone and when you are around others. Users tend to be nice, friendly and understanding when alone with their victims but can turn into aloof, cruel and critical people when around others. If a person is truly using you, he doesn't see you as being "worthy" to be his friend, so around others, he may try his hardest to demonstrate that you are not really friends.

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