How to Overcome a Fear of Rats


You're terrified of rats but desperately need to overcome this fear either because you'll be traveling in rat-infested areas, your child wants a pet rat or you're simply sick of being scared of rats. Overcoming fears isn't easy, but there are many techniques available.

  • Try hypnosis. You can see a hypnotherapist or simply purchase a CD or listen to a podcast. Some fear-reducing CDs are for ridding people of general fears, while others are more specific to help you overcome your fear of rats.

  • Think about why you have a fear of rats. If you're scared of rats due to a movie, perhaps learning more about rats or seeing rats in a pet store may make you feel better. If your fear is because one bit you as a child or ran across your feet, it may be harder to get rid of the fear.

  • Consider evaluating the fear. Ask yourself if the danger of the rats is real or perceived. If you're dealing with a giant rat staring you down in an alley, the danger may be real. If you're dealing with a rat on a TV show, you perceive the fear.

  • Remind yourself that rats really can't hurt you. While they can carry disease, most people survive a rat bite, and a simple bite is the worst a rat can do to you.

  • Learn more about rats. Many people keep rats as pets and love them dearly. Try to find out what makes them so loved by so many.

  • See a therapist or a counselor for anti-anxiety tips and treatments.

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