How to Fake Sickness to Stay Home From School


If you have a test coming that you aren't prepared for, or have some other reason that you really feel you need to stay home from school, you can ask your parent's permission to stay home from school for the day. If you know from past experience that this won't work, you might have to go to extremes and fake being sick to get the day off.

  • Decide what your fake ailments are going to be in advance. Pick one that you haven't used in awhile and one that you are pretty sure sounds believable to your parents. Be careful not to act too sick or they might decide to take you to the doctor.

  • Set the scene the night before. Start complaining about whatever is going to hurt you. Tell them your throat is scratchy and sore, you feel dizzy or your stomach hurts. Go to bed before your scheduled bedtime. Before heading up to bed tell them your complaints again and that you feel tired so you are going to bed.

  • Wake up in the middle of the night. Rub your eyes with your hands so it looks like you have been crying. Go to their bedroom and tell them again that your throat hurts or your stomach is upset. If you are complaining about stomach symptoms, tell your parents you just threw up or had diarrhea.

  • Stay awake as long as you possibly can during the night. This makes you look sick and tired in the morning.

  • Get up when your alarm goes off, or your parents wake you in the morning. Make it look like you are trying to get ready for school. Act dizzy by losing your balance when you walk, or hold your throat and talk in a whisper. Remember to keep the same symptoms you had the night before. If it is your stomach that you are complaining of, spend a long time in the bathroom.

  • Lay back down on the bed fully dressed and close your eyes. When your mom comes in to check on you moan a little and tell her you still don't feel good. If she takes your temperature, hold the thermometer near a warm light bulb to make it read higher. Be careful not to get the thermometer over 100 degrees, or she might take you to the doctor.

  • Resist a little when your parents suggest you say home from school. Tell them you really should go, and think you probably can make it through the day. Then moan again. When they push the issue and tell you that you need to stay home, reluctantly agree with them.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also raise the temperature on the thermometer by running it under warm water or rubbing it aggressively between your hands.
  • If you need to convince your parents that you threw up, mix up pieces of bread, raw egg, and any other leftover food that you recently ate some of. Stand in the bathroom and making heaving noises as you splash the mixture into the toilet. Let them see it before you flush.

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