How to Give Someone the Silent Treatment


If you're really mad at someone and you're unable to cope with the current situation, it's possible to manipulate the person you're upset with or end the friendship by giving her the silent treatment. Doing so requires tenacity, a stern face and good dodging tactics.

  • Plan the length of time you intend to give the silent treatment and the severity of the measures you'll take to make your point known. The most extreme silent treatment is to act as if the person has completely died; never look them in the eyes, don't acknowledge their presence or voice and act as if their name, possessions and memory are unfamiliar to you.

  • Resolve to stick to your plan. Have a back-up plan for how you'll handle questions, statements or confrontation by the person you're avoiding and others who may ask you what's going on. Sometimes avoiding eye contact, leaving the room or acting distracted can handle simple questions that may open a can of worms.

  • Remove all opportunity for contactby blocking their calls and return any mail they send and delete them from your online networking accounts. In effect, let them know by your actions that they're no longer welcome in any part of your life.

  • Exclude that person from all your social activities and let others know that he or she is not welcome to come if you're around.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consider that giving the silent treatment is an extreme measure to take with someone you've called friend. If you intend on ever speaking to this person or reconciling, it's best to simply communicate the need for space rather than taking this extreme route.

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