How to Draw a Ship


Ships make for excellent subjects as you learn to draw and sketch more technically. A ship displays a combination of hard lines and soft edges that help improve your drawing skills while providing you with an interesting and pleasant final product.

  • Decide which way you want the ship to be facing, and start by putting your pen or pencil at the point where the front of the ship will be. Trace a line away from that point and make the line curve upward like a smile. Stop where you want the end of the ship to be, and draw a line angled upward and back towards the direction of the front. Then bring the line back to the front point of the ship by drawing a line that runs parallel to the first curving line you drew.

  • Place a rudder at the back of the ship by adding a fin shaped object that connect to the boat with small cylinders that represent hinges. If the ship is a tiller operated ship then sketch a stick that connects to your rudder and lies horizontally at the back of the boat (though keep it small).

  • Sketch a mast three quarters of the way to the front of the boat. About a third of the way up the mast, place a horizontal pole and then draw two more such cross-bars (spreaders), each one third up the way of the mast.

  • Make a large triangular sail that has an upward curve at the bottom. Attach the bottom, inner part of the sail to the mast. Draw a connection between the top of the sail and the mast with a simple line that represents a bit of rope. Then draw a thin rectangle at the bottom of the sail to represent the boom.

  • Create a boathouse just behind the mast by making a structure that looks like a shack and has a round porthole in the side.

  • Insert some detail by making parallel, horizontal lines along the hull of the boat. Add portholes to the upper part of the ship's hull. If you want to add a front sail do so. And, from the forward point of the ship, add an upward curving nose that has short rails attached to the sides.

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