How to Do a Chinese Fire Drill


How to Do a Chinese Fire Drill. Popular in the 1960s, the Chinese fire drill is making a comeback. A demonstration of high spirits, a Chinese fire drill is "pulled" while you are sitting in traffic, waiting for a red light to change. A sure fire way to pass the time while the light is red and a good way to get people laughing in a traffic jam, a Chinese fire drill is simple to perform.

  • Unbuckle your seat belt as you approach the red light to make your execution of the Chinese fire drill as fast as possible. As soon as the driver has made a complete stop, place the car in park.

  • Open your door and jump out of the car as fast as you can. Start running in circles around the car. Make sure that not all of you run in the same direction, as you accentuate the effect of the drill if it is random, with people running in all directions.

  • Shout, shake your hands in the air, blow noise makers and generally do anything that seems suitable for the occasion. The crazier you act, the better the Chinese fire drill.

  • Get back into the car, preferably before the light turns green. Act very serious as you buckle your seat belt and pull away, as if nothing ever happened.

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