How to Talk Your Parents Into Buying You a Car


The only obstacle standing between you and freedom on the open road are your parents, who aren't sure you're ready for your own car. Talk your mom and dad into it with persuasive arguments that reveal the financial and safety benefits along with the reasons you deserve a set of wheels.

  • Point out that you'll be able to drive yourself to school and school events. Your parents won't have to be your chauffeur any longer and you won't be reliant on friends for rides. This argument works particularly well if your parents are concerned about your friends' driving habits.

  • Talk about the reasons a car would help with your responsibilities. By driving yourself to work, you won't have to turn down shifts if you can't get a ride. You'll also have more time to study if you don't have to wait for the bus or dawdle in the car when a friend drives you home from school.

  • Discuss the fact that you deserve a car. Refer to your recent positive report cards, how you've been completing your chores without being asked and caring for the family pet, for example. Show your parents what a responsible driver you are when you're behind the wheel of their car.

  • Offer a compromise. If your parents pay for the car, let them know you'll pay for gas and chip in for car insurance and maintenance whenever possible.

  • Agree to let them take away use of the car if they feel you've been driving irresponsibly or letting your grades slip. They'll appreciate the fact that they'll still have control over the purchase even after they've bought it.

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