How to Intrigue a Guy


Intriguing a guy takes some resolution as you play hard to get and look your best. Being available for a time, then impressing a guy and immediately following that with being unavailable will definitely make him wonder why he's not with you.

  • Dress in a way that makes you feel confident, fun and free. Wear clothes that express your inner self and impress you when you look in the mirror. Forget about impressing him. Dress the way you do because it's how you feel.

  • Have no expectations. This is more intriguing to a guy than you could ever know.

  • Make yourself available to him for a while. Initiate emails and calls. Ask him to do things with you. Show him you're fun loving and free. Just try not to make him your universe. Guys know when women are seeking to please them. What's intriguing is a woman who has her own set of interests, activities, passions and friends.

  • Do something well that undeniably impresses him. If he's a surfer, show your skills out on the water (if you have some). If you're a musical genius, play your heart out. Make sure it's something he finds value in. It can be as simple as proving your point in a conversation if that sort of thing turns him on.

  • Become suddenly unavailable. This sudden shift away from giving him attention will make him wonder what happened. He'll be intrigued by your confidence and, if he's smart, come chasing after you. It's important that your unavailability follow your impressive feat almost immediately.

Tips & Warnings

  • Decide what look you're going for and pull it off well. You could be confident and powerful, classic and sophisticated, friendly and approachable or a wild party girl. Whatever your look of choice is, sell it.
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