How to Build a Horseshoe Scoreboard


Horseshoes is a relaxing backyard game enjoyed by families for generations. Its popularity continues because it is easy to play and requires very little skill to learn. The rules are simple: throw a horseshoe around a post. Whoever gets closest wins points, which are tallied to find the winner. Horseshoes is also an enjoyable spectator sport. Points are marked on a scoreboard near the playing field.

  • Use a chalkboard from a schoolroom or make one out of wood painted with chalk paint. It should be at least two-feet wide by three-feet high.

  • Hang the scoreboard on a nearby post high enough for the spectators and the players to see to keep track of the score. Nail the scoreboard with heavy nails that will hold up through the entire spring and summer season of playing.

  • Draw a line down the middle of the scoreboard with a large piece of chalk. Put the name of each team on the top of each column. Mark the points under each after the team throws its entire horseshoes.

  • Award one point if a team's horseshoe is six inches or less from the stake, three points for a ringer. If both sides agree, two points can be awarded to a team whose horseshoe is leaning on the stake.

  • Make the marks on the scoreboard using slashes or numbers. The first team to reach 21 is the winner.

  • Wipe the board clean with an eraser or cloth. Clean the board with a wet rag when the day's activities are over.

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