How to Practice Diction for Vocal Exercise


How to Practice Diction for Vocal Exercise. Add diction practice to your daily vocal workouts. Remember that your goal is not to conjure up an accent but to vocalize the lyrics you're singing as distinctly as possible. As an added boost to your training, record your diction practice sessions and listen to the tape the following day. Doing so allows you to track your progress over time.

  • Begin with the "S" words. Say the sentence, "Six thick thistle sticks" slowly. Then sing the sentence, exaggerating the "s" in each.

  • Move on to the "B" and "D" words. Sing any words beginning with each letter. Exaggerate your lip movement for the "B" words and bringing your teeth together to form the "D" words.

  • Switch to words beginning with "H" and "J." Pull the breath heavily from your stomach to form the "H" words. Push together your lips slowly and deliberately when forming "J."

  • Start with "K," "Q" and "L" words. Make the "K" and "Q" sounds as sharply as possible, projecting your breath. Let your tongue linger for a few seconds behind your upper teeth before completing the consonant.

  • Practice the "P" words by sharply forcing your breath against the inside of your lips before pronouncing each letter. For "T" words, make sure your top and bottom teeth are closely together before allowing your tongue to push up against the top teeth when making the sound.

  • Spend extra time on the "R" and "V" words. Exaggerate protruding your upper lip while singing any "R" words. Form the "V" words by pressing your upper teeth firmly and slowly against your bottom lip before producing any sound.

  • Finish diction practice by combining vowels and consonants into simple words. Pair each consonant with all five vowels. Examples are, "sa, se, si, so, su." Sing these words slowly as you carefully create each consonant sound while holding each vowel sound for 30 seconds.

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