How to Use a Glock 9mm for Target Shooting


Target shooting with a Glock 9mm is fun for most sport shooters. While it's enjoyable to go target shooting, it is very important to practice all safety rules and use appropriate eye and ear protection. Adhering to the manufacturer's and gun range's safety rules and regulations ensures a good time for everyone.

Things You'll Need

  • Glock 9mm instruction manual
  • Ear protection
  • Shooting glasses
  • Glock 9mm
  • Glock 9mm magazine
  • Glock 9mm ammunition
  • Read your Glock 9mm's instruction manual. Familiarize yourself with the parts of the gun, how they work and with all safety instructions and recommendations.

  • Wear protective eyeglasses and ear protection. Make sure your shooting glasses have side panels and that your ear protection fully covers your ears and blocks out the majority of the sound.

  • Lay your Glock and magazine on the table or stand in front of you. Keep your gun unloaded at all times until you are ready to shoot.

  • Pick up your handgun and pull open the slide of the gun, locking it into position. Lay it back down with the barrel pointing downrange at a backstop. Load the ammunition carefully into the magazine. When the magazine is full, load it into the handgun and release the slide.

  • Hold your handgun and aim at your target. Use the sight on the top of the barrel. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Make sure no other individuals or animals are downrange from you and that you have a backstop.

  • Keep your hands steady with a firm grip on the handgun. Put your finger to the trigger when you feel ready to shoot. Shoot the gun by pulling the trigger in a slow, steady motion. A Glock's safety is on the trigger, so by pulling back the trigger you are deactivating the safety of the handgun.

  • Fire the handgun as many times as you want, aiming each shot carefully at your target. When the range is clear and no one is shooting, examine your target to see your shot patterns.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always treat a gun as if it is loaded. Never point the gun in another person's direction and always make sure you have a backstop. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire at your target.
  • Don't substitute sunglasses or your everyday glasses for a pair of shooting glasses. Wear shooting glasses that are specifically for target shooting at all times.

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