How to Install Google Earth in Ubuntu

Google Earth is a virtual globe application that is free-for-personal use on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It maps the earth using images from aerial photography, satellite imagery, 3D buildings and geographical information systems (GIS). Read on to learn how to download and install Google Earth to your Linux Ubuntu computer.


    • 1

      Visit the "Google Earth" download page (See Resources below). Select the "Linux" radio button. You'll find it under category Beta in Version 4.

    • 2

      Click on "Download Google Earth."

    • 3

      Open up a terminal window and then locate your default downloads directory. In the directory, type in the command "> sh GoogleEarthLinux.bin."

    • 4

      Complete the installation by following the prompts.

    • 5

      Access the program by opening it from its default location, which is typically "/usr/local/google/google-earth."

    • 6

      Launch your newly installed Google Earth application with this command: "> /usr/local/google/google-earth/googleearth."

Tips & Warnings

  • If your Linux Ubuntu PC automatically launches Google Earth, this may mean that a current account may be installed on your machine. In this case, select the option to "Run Free Version" so as to use the Google Earth application.
  • If you receive the option to enter the server that you want to use, choose the database that you would like to view by in the "Google Earths - Select Server" window. Alternatively, you can change the server in Ubuntu by logging into Google Earth and clicking on "File." Log out, log back in and then choose the server you want from the drop-down menu.
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