How to Fake an Injury


You might want to fake an injury for several reasons. Perhaps you want to get a day off from school, or you wish to receive sympathy from your friends. Whatever the reason, you can usually fake an injury without anyone catching onto your playacting.

  • Make up a good story. When a person is injured, people usually want to hear all the gory details. Spin a story that begins with the injury and ends with the medical attention that you needed to get.

  • Work on your limp. You should subtly limp without overdoing it. Remember to always use the same leg when you are faking it.

  • Practice a pained look. If you are looking for sympathy, you really want to make it look as though you are in great pain. Before going out in public, practice making pained faces in the mirror.

  • Borrow a pair of crutches. If you have a pair from a previous injury, break them out, and start using them.

  • Ask for assistance. Request that a friend let you lean on them or perform a chore for you because you are physically unable to do it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't fake an injury as a way to scam someone out of money. This is illegal and you can end up in a lot of trouble.
  • Don't milk the injury for too long. You'll have to give up the act eventually or people will start to suspect something. You may need to come clean early on if someone starts investigating your supposed injury.
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