How to Catch Perch


Catching perch is a favorite sport among anglers and enthusiasts alike. Perch love to stay on or very near the bottom of fresh water lakes and are often elusive to catch. Although fishing for perch can be a source of frustration, the benefits of a tasty meal outweigh the temporary headaches of catching them.

Things You'll Need

  • Fishing tackle
  • Bait
  • Boat
  • Pack a fishing bag or tackle with a full day's kit. Perch often take a while to lure to the end of the line. Make certain to pack meals and bring along a good supply of water.

  • Know the legal catch limit of perch in the fishing area. Some areas of the United States have restrictions on the size limit or number of perch you can take from the ecosystem.

  • Anchor the boat along an area of weeds or grass. Perch congregate in these areas for feeding.

  • Rig the fishing line with a simple small hook and lead sinker. All the line has to do is make it to or near the bottom. Perch will be attracted to the minnow or small worm you place on the hook.

  • Wait until there's a noticeable tug on the line before setting the hook. Pulling too hard or too quickly may either injure the fish or pull the hook from its mouth.

  • Drag the boat anchor through a grassy area or through a weed bed to stir up the mud and release brine shrimp or other favorite perch food. Cast into this area frequently and catch the limit.

Tips & Warnings

  • Think about joining the masses of anglers who brave the cold to ice fish for perch on frozen lakes.
  • Perch tend to stay deeper in the water on colder days and a bit closer to the surface on hot summer days.
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