How to Dry Off After a Shower


When you dry off after a shower, it's important to reach all of your body parts. Leaving dampness on your body can lead to chafing, rashes and unpleasant odors. Follow these steps to make sure you do a thorough job toweling off every time you exit the shower.

  • Wring out excess moisture from your hair. Towel it off thoroughly by working a big, fluffy towel over your scalp. If you have long hair, wrap the towel around your head turban-style and proceed drying off with a second towel.

  • Pat your face gently to remove moisture. Wiping your face can cause irritation to delicate skin or leave towel lint in your eyes.

  • Work downward, wiping off water droplets from the neck, shoulders, arms and upper torso. Women must take care to dry the area beneath their breasts. Putting on a bra without drying carefully can cause irritation.

  • Drape the towel across your back and grip each end. Move it back and forth across your back and derrière until the areas are dry.

  • Move down to the hip area and remove excess water. Pat sensitive areas dry rather than rubbing, which can chafe delicate skin.

  • Wrap the towel around an upper leg and work it down to the toes. Repeat with the second leg.

  • Use a corner of the towel to wipe off crevices, such as those between the toes and under the arms. It's important to dry the area between every crease of skin to prevent chafing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always use dry, oversize cotton towels. They wick away shower moisture better than towels with a poly-blend content.

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