How to Draw a Circle and Its Center Without Lifting the Pencil


If you're looking for a little trick to impress your friends, ask them to draw a circle with a dot in the center. They may give you a strange look because it's not tough to do. When you tell them that they must draw it without lifting the pencil, most of them will turn to face the challenge and see it done. Here's how to amaze them.

  • Draw a dot in the middle of the paper. The dot should be larger than a pencil tip but not huge like a penny.

  • Leave the pencil on the paper after you draw the dot, keep the tip of the pencil on the dot and hold it with the right hand.

  • Bring the left edge of the paper over with the left hand so the edge just meets the dot and the pencil tip. Don't crease the paper; it should remain rounded. Now the backside of the paper is visible as is part of the front side.

  • Move the pencil tip up onto the backside of the paper folded over and draw a straight line from the dot towards the folded end of the paper, stopping before the pencil gets to the fold. Keep the pencil tip on the paper at all times during this process.

  • Start from the horizontal straight line and draw another line going vertical about three-fourths of the way down the page towards yourself and curve the line back to the right, just until the pencil tip moves off the edge of the back of the paper. It is now once again on the right side of the paper underneath the dot. Keep the pencil tip on the paper.

  • Unfold the paper so it's flat again and draw a circle around the dot drawn in Step 1, stopping only after the circle is completed.

  • Make a big gesture of taking the pencil off the paper and put on your best smug look. Yes, this is your moment of glory, because you have certainly outsmarted all of your friends and party guests. Shield your arms because some may want to punch you in the arm for the smug look.

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