How to Decrease a Dog's Excessive Drooling


How to Decrease a Dog's Excessive Drooling. Dogs drool for a number of different reasons. Excessive drooling can be breed specific with nothing you can do about it, or it can be inspired by the presence of a tasty-looking morsel in your dog's vicinity. However, drooling can also mean that your dog is nauseous, ill or overly excited.

Notice any changes in your dog's drooling behavior. If a former non-drooler suddenly begins to drool, check her mouth for a splinter, injury or infection. Unless you're able to find and remove the splinter or foreign object that led to the drooling, take your dog to the vet right away.

See when your dog drools. If you have a basset hound, mastiff or St. Bernard, their loose lips probably lead them to drool throughout the day. Other dogs may drool at specific times or in response to specific situations.

Keep the windows slightly rolled down in the car or position an air conditioning vent for her if your dog drools when you travel. Just like people, dogs can get motion sickness and drooling is often one of the first signs. If your dog has access to fresh air, she's less likely to feel nauseous and so is also less likely to drool.

Ask your dog to leave the room if he drools as he watches you eat. The drooling indicates that he thinks he's going to get a handout, so asking him to leave the room encourages him to be less of a beggar while reducing his drooling.

Reduce the excitement around your dog if activity leads your dog to drool. While it's not a problem outside, excessive drooling from over-excitement can create a mess indoors. If you can't reduce the excitement, have your dog and the excitement move outside so you don't have to worry.

Tips & Warnings

  • Take your dog to the vet if he ingests something unknown and then starts drooling. Drooling can be a sign of potential poisoning.
  • If your dog shows any other behavioral or physical changes with the drooling, take her to the vet immediately. She could have a serious and life-threatening medical issue.

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