How to Write a Team-Building Strategy


Most business managers agree that all employees benefit when working in a team-based environment. Yet few managers know exactly how to create such an environment. Human-resource personnel should assist managers by writing a team-building strategy for each department within the company. Consider using the following key concepts designed to promote effective team building.

  • Create a new document in a word-processing program. Add the title, "Team-Building Strategy." Put the company's logo on the cover along with the author's name.

  • Add an introduction to the second page. Explain the advantages of working in a team-based environment. Specify that managers must strive to create a successful, alert work team.

  • Explain how managers must effectively communicate expected outcomes and required performance to their staff. Ask managers to explain to staffers why and how they can contribute to the team.

  • Insert a section devoted to team competence and goals. Instruct managers to seek their subordinates' opinions on the abilities of team members. Have managers define the team's specific mission, responsibility and plans to achieve its goals.

  • Define managers' responsibilities to determine appropriate boundaries for team members. For example, some members need more freedom while others may need more limitations. Help managers define the team's problem-solving abilities and rules of conduct.

  • Require managers to ask employees to prioritize tasks. Have managers describe a method for the team to provide constructive feedback.

  • Conclude the strategy with a section on creativity. Encourage managers to inspire their subordinates to think creatively about improving the quality and quantity of their work. Establish a reward system for employees who contribute to meaningful innovation.

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