How to Count From Zero to Ten in Greek


Knowing how to count from zero to 10 in Greek is important if you are studying Greek language or history. Note that there is a difference between counting in ancient Greek and counting in modern Greek, which is also known as demotic Greek. The Greek counting method is derived from the ancient Greek alphabet, and as the alphabet system changed over time, so did the counting system.

Counting in Ancient Greek

  • When the original Greek numbering system was created around 900 B.C., the concept of zero did not exist, so counting began at one. Counting from one to 10 in the ancient Greek is as follows: one is "alpha;" two is "beta;" three is "gamma;" four is "delta;" five is "epsilon;" six is "vau;" seven is "zeta;" eight is "eta;" nine is "theta" and 10 is "iota." At that time, the names of the numbers were the same as the names of the letters in the Greek alphabet; for example, the name "alpha" represented the name of the first numeral and also the first letter in the Greek alphabet.

Counting in Modern Greek

  • The modern Greek counting system does include zero, and is as follows: zero is "mhden," which is pronounced "miden;" one is "ena;" two is "duo;" three is "tria;" four is "tessera;" five is "pente;" six is "exi;" seven is "epta;" eight is "oktw;" which is pronounced "ok-to;" nine is "ennia;" and 10 is "deka."

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