How to Block Websites Easily and for Free


You'll find many products for blocking websites. Some work for the general user who wants to block spammers while others are for parents who want to block harmful content from their children. Both types of products vary in price and sometimes lead to more headaches by blocking the content you do want to see. Before you take that step, try these ideas for blocking websites easily and for free.

  • Allow Internet Explorer to block websites by going to "Internet Options" under "Tools." Select the "Content" button and go to "Content Advisor."

  • Enable Content Advisor by clicking the button and adding a supervisor's password. If you don't use a password, anyone can go into Internet Explorer and unblock websites. Content Advisor allows you to use settings in four areas: ratings, approved sites, general and advanced. Focus on "ratings" and "approved sites" to block websites.

  • Adjust the slider under ratings for language, nudity, sex and violence. You have five choices that range from "None" to "Explicit." The ratings option only affects some pages with many websites slipping under the radar. Go to the next step to block specific websites from Content Advisor.

  • Click on the "Approved Sites" tab to add a website. Click "Never" to block the website. Select "OK."

  • Edit host files when using the Content Advisor isn't enough. Your host files stores information that includes files to block. Click "Start" and "Run." Type in the following to get to the host commands from Windows XP: C:\Windows\System32drivers\etc\hosts.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the notepad window where you should find the line "" Push your enter key and type in the block command of followed by the website. For example, to block MySpace, you would type

  • Add additional websites to block by adding one number to the last number in the internal ip before the website address. For example, the next one would be 127.0.02. When you are finished, save the file and exit.

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