How to Create a School Club Name


Starting a club on campus is an achievement that will last for years to come. With that in mind, a good name is essential in shaping its legacy. By considering your mission, setting yourself apart and pondering the future, the right name will be easy to identify.

Reflect the Club's Mission

  • Start the process by considering what the club will do. Having an idea of your mission can help you name it. A group with formal goals (getting members jobs, networking) will be different from a social or playful group. Consider what your club will do, and a name will follow.

Distinguish Yourselves

  • If your club is similar to others, set yours apart by name. For example, if several clubs are dedicated to community service, think about what makes you different and let the name reflect your uniqueness. Think "Bears Support the Troops," rather than "Bears Giving Back." You also need to check that the name doesn't duplicate one already in use by another organization and infringe on a trademark. You may also want to consider how the name will adapt to a URL and an e-mail address, suggests Big Duck, a communications company for nonprofits.

Keep the Future in Mind

  • As you think about names that attract people based on pop culture or specific events, consider if that name will make sense later. While future students could change it if they wished, "Pre-Law Club" is a better representation of goals than "Law and Order Society." You should pick a name that will encapsulate your mission, represent you as unique and stand the test of time.


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