How to Work in a NASCAR Pit Crew


NASCAR pit crews gauge success on a scale of milliseconds. Being able to push a car through the pit in a tenth of a second less than the other teams translates into winning times on the track. Working on a NASCAR pit crew is a tireless and intense job but worthwhile for NASCAR lovers.

  • Attend a NASCAR pit crew training school such as NASCAR Training which takes both fledgling and professional mechanics and pit crew members and helps them train for the big leagues. Contact NASCAR Training by visiting their website at to find a course near you.

  • Get your physical intensity and endurance to the next level by training for muscular hypertrophy and for working in a fatigued state since NASCAR pit crew members who have to try twice to lift a tire have no chance at working on a successful team.

  • Be prepared to work 12 hours a day, every day of the week to keep the NASCAR racecar in good shape during the week and running during training sessions. Races require that you start work before sunrise and finish whenever the car is ready to be put away after the race.

  • Know each part of the car's function and mechanics thoroughly even if you're only responsible for one area. Knowing about how to prepare the car for a wind tunnel test, for example, is just as important to the NASCAR pit crew's overall performance as knowing get the car in and out of the pit during a critical race.

  • Find work in other stock racing leagues and work your way up to NASCAR. Consider moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, where a high number of the NASCAR teams are based so you can make inroads into the field.

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