How to Upload Video on Hi5

Hi5 is a social networking site. It's free to join and a great way to connect with friends. Through personal profiles you can share photos and videos all over the world, and you can upload videos to your profile in only a few steps.


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      Go to the Hi5 website and sign in with email address and password. Click the "My Profile" link from the home page.

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      Click on the "Video" button on your profile page. Click the "Upload a Video" link from the left side menu or in the center of the page.

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      Complete the form with at least the required title and category. Adding tags and the country the video is from are optional. Check the box to keep the video private. Click "Next."

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      Download the required VideoEgg software if you don't already have it installed. VideoEgg is a video ad network for online communities.

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      Drag and drop the video file into the box or browse your computer and choose a file to import. Other video sources include webCam, camcorder and mobile devices. When your video shows up in the box, click the "Play" button to make sure it is the correct one.

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      Edit out parts you don't want, or change the start and end point. Click on the start and end points and slide along yellow video bar to change. Cut out unwanted parts by choosing a starting point and slide over the part you don't want. The mouse pointer should be an eraser while you do this.

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      Select "Upload" and wait for the video page to load. On this page, you can give a longer description of the video, choose a language and subcategory. Email, share or add video as a favorite from this page. You can also get the code to embed the video on another profile, web page or blog.

Tips & Warnings

  • VideoEgg must approve all videos, which can take up to 3 days.
  • Only the following file types are supported: 3gp, 3gp2, avi, dv, mpg, mpg4, mov, mqv, wmv and asf.
  • Videos must be under 5 minutes or they can't be uploaded to your Hi5 profile.
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