How to Implement Employee Motivation Contests


You will learn in this article some invaluable information to help you motivate your employees. All of it is free and will not cost you a thing.

Things You'll Need

  • Creativity
  • Fun Spirit
  • Desire to make your employees the best they can be!
  • Recognize your employees for a job well done
    Applaud your employees (this is a form of recognition)
    These are both FREE and can be done at any time!
    On the spot praise- this type of recognition is important to do at the right time. Do it when it is fresh on everyone's mind. For example someone that is newly promoted. You want to congratulate them now not 2 months from now.
    Executive recognition- this is all about timing as well but you may want to have some one from a "executive" position congratulate an employee on a job well done. This really makes a huge difference in an employee's life. It could be one phone call but it means a lot to them.

  • One on One coaching- this is invaluable- it may take time but the results are your reward. Do this in public because when your employees see you working with the team they know you care and the associate that is getting the one on one attention really knows you care. Be sure to give positive feedback as need!

    Training is crucial too- we can never get enough training. If there is an opportunity for your employee to get additional training or even "refresher" training make sure you make it a priority.
    Outside Seminars- it is great to have your employees to go to these events because they come back refreshed, rejuvenated, and are able to share great best practices to the other employees.

  • Make sure you know what your associates career goals are and you help them plan their career path. If you are able to promote within then this sends a powerful message to the employees. It means that you value their hard work and commitment to the company.

    While talking about the career path also consider the job titles of your staff. Be creative if need be and get feedback from your employees. Show value when addressing your job titles.

  • Make sure you have a good working environment. This can start with the simplest things as making sure all of your employees have a stapler or other work supplies they may need to what type of artwork you have on the walls. Is the environment a happy and welcoming one?

  • Give your employees leadership roles so you can reward them for their performance but also find out where your talent lies. Find out their strengths and opportunities by giving them a project to manage or lead.
    Give your employees extra responsibilities so that they can learn in their position and show how responsible they are.

  • Create a TEAM SPIRIT! This is something you can not just go out and do. It takes time but it very rewarding. You must engage your employees and get them involved in fun contests or even creating the contests.

    Have Theme Contests- this can involve many of your employees in the planning process which will make them feel apart and it will be fun!

  • Social Gatherings- have group events where family can be involved. When you have events away from work it builds the team spirit. You can do picnics or a Halloween Carnival. Some companies even have a softball team.

  • Casual Day- wear Jeans when appropriate or wear Business Casual. You can also tailor the casual day around a holiday like St. Patrick's Day or Halloween. Many companies let their employees wear their favorite football team colors during football season.
    Pizza/Popcorn Days- break up the everyday routine with a treat. Make sure you tell them in advance so they can look forward to it!

  • Time Off- this is a great motivator. This lets them know that their time is valuable and we appreciate them.
    Stress Management- share different techniques on your employees can manage their stress which will be a win-win situation. It is nice to bring something like this in-house because then they will hear and see the value.

  • Gags and Gimmicks- HAVE FUN!
    Use different gimmicks to give out awards

    * Plastic/rubber whale for "whale" of a performance.
    * Pillsbury dough boy for the person raisin' the most bread.
    * Cardboard stars for star-studded performances.
    * Plastic phonograph records for setting a new record.
    * California raisins for those with the highest percentage of
    "raisin" their productivity.
    * Special parking space for the person who drives the hardest.
    * Toy cymbals for those "symbolizing" total effort.
    * Special Mountain Dew can for that person who exemplifies the "can
    do" attitude
    * A figurine of E.T. for out-of-this-world performance.
    * The Eveready Bunny for those that keep going, and going, and
    * Large Tootsie Roll replica for those on a "roll."
    * A drum for the person that "drums" up the most business.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you utilize this tips watch out you will have an "unstoppable" team!
  • Don't have too much fun with your TEAM!
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