How to Avoid Your Voice Cracking While Singing

If you have ever sung, you may know what it's like for your voice to crack as you struggle to hit those high notes. This article discusses ways in which you can prevent those cracks from appearing during your next performance.


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      Drink fluids to prevent your vocal cords from drying. Consider sleeping with a humidifier next to your bed if you live in a dry climate.

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      Perform your vocal exercises daily and don't strain your voice. If your throat hurts when swallowing or singing is painful, take a rest from performing.

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      Practice transitioning from your "chest voice" to your "head voice." Most people can sing powerfully from their chest voice, where the sound is loud and amplified, but the head voice, which singers use to reach high notes, is often underdeveloped. Sing "nay" in your chest voice and begin working your way up the scale as you move your voice into your head. You will feel and hear the tone change.

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      Breathe from your diaphragm. To prevent cracks in your singing voice, support the notes with a strong breath.

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      Relax. If you are nervous about singing in front of a large audience, your voice may crack due to tension in your neck and vocal muscles. Don't let your nerves inhibit your singing. Perform a few gentle stretches to release that inner tension and calm your jitters.

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