How to Draw Back a Cue Ball Shot in Pool

The "draw back" or "draw" shot is a favorite of pool masters everywhere. This kind of shot is a little deceptive. Rather than driving the cue ball forward, it actually is intended to just put a spin on the cue, so that the cue ball will move backward after hitting its target. The draw back shot takes a lot of practice and more than a little skill.


    • 1

      Line up your shot. Use a low bridge on the table next to the cue ball.

    • 2

      Eye up the cue. On this shot, you're aiming for below dead center.

    • 3

      Bring your stick forward quickly and tap the cue ball, then immediately pull the stick back. The cue should roll forward, hit the target ball, and roll back toward you.

    • 4

      Experiment with different amounts of power. It will take just the right touch to pull off a draw back shot. Analyze how much power you're putting into your shot when you look at the results.

    • 5

      Get good at using one fluid motion to affect the draw back. A lot of the shot is practice and "feeling," when you get it right, you'll know.

Tips & Warnings

  • Start off using the draw back shot for balls near the cue. Don't try to go half way across the table on a draw back. This magnifies the complexity of the shot and generally leads to either no contact at all or possibly a scratch.
  • Take time to find the spot and angle you need. Another problem with the draw back shot is improper contact on the cue ball; you'll need to perfect this over time.
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